How to Write a Dating Profile

Have you ever tried to sell some of your old stuff on Ebay? That’s how online dating used to make me feel. I learned quickly with Ebay though, the better your ad copy and supporting photos the better the price you’ll get for your items at auction.

Our online dating profile is really no different it’s our own advertising copy and we are the item on the auction block. A poor dating profile won’t hurt you; you’ll just be left sitting on the shelf unsold. A winning profile though, well that’s a whole different story.

Creating a winning profile isn’t hard. Most people aren’t comfortable selling themselves and these is where they get bogged down but let’s break the profile writing process into some bite sized chucks and get it done.

Dating Profile Headlines

While men are instantly drawn to a profile by its photo, with women a headline will have a similar effect. The headline of your profile must grab their attention. The main aim of our headline is not to sell ourselves but to pique a woman’s interest so that she has to click through and read our profile.

Humor, sarcasm, shock tactics are all great ways to get attention with the headline but it still has to fit with your personality. When I write a headline for my own profiles I make sure it is one that makes me laugh. If I enjoy my profile, I don’t really care what women think of it. That might sound weird but if it makes me laugh it’s because it fits with my personality and it will appeal to my type of women.

Body Copy

With the body of our profile we want to paint a picture of our personality and the ‘type of person we are.’ We don’t want to write our life story. Keep it simple, less is more here. Leave out anything in your profile that isn’t adding value to it. You’re trying to create interest; you want to leave someone that reads your profile wanting more. A little mystery goes a long way.

Write in your own voice as if you’re talking to an old friend. It makes it personal and shows personality. Be honest in your profile and be specific. Instead of saying you like a good night out, describe you’re ideal night, where you’d go and what you’d do. Don’t just say you like sport, most people do. What sports do you like and why? There’s also no point in saying you’re funny if your profile is bland and boring. Don’t say it, do it.

Don’t be a suck up either. Most guys write a profile they think a woman would like, don’t. Write a profile you’re proud of; be proud of who you are and what you have to offer. It’s the attitude that women will find attractive. If women were looking for CVs they’d be scouring employment sites not dating sites.

Dating Profile Photos

If you want women contacting you, you simply must have a photo. No matter how clever the rest of your profile is the facts are plain, profiles with photos receive 12-15 times more responses than those that don’t.

Photos are what draw someone into reading your headline then clicking through to your profile. You don’t need to be good looking but you do need to be presentable. Again we want to paint a picture here of personality, a guy who’s got his act together and someone that’s fun to be around.

A picture says a thousand words, so what does your profile photo say about you? Are you well dressed? Do you take care of your appearance? Do you look happy and fun to be around?

There are not too many quality women that are going to want to date an unhappy looking slob.

Split testing your dating profile

The real secret to a winning profile is in the testing. Don’t just settle for one version of your profile, try and come up with a few different variations. You can now join 3-4 different dating sites and ‘spilt test’ your profile against each other. By doing this you’ll have the best combination in no time and women will be flooding your inbox.