The Girlfriend Activation System Review, will it get YOU a girlfriend?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a step by step blueprint on how to get a girlfriend. Well, there is and we’re going to have an in depth look at it in this Girlfriend Activation System review.

Here at ManStuff we review a lot of dating and attraction guides for men and before we go on, I have to say this is THE program every guy should own. I found it to be a whole lot more that just a girlfriend getting system. It really is a blueprint to becoming a better man, and the sort of HIGH VALUE man that women are begging to be with.

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Girlfriend Activation System Video

So, while the program is called the Girlfriend Activation System it is much more than that. It is a program for any guy that wants to improve their success with women and improve the quality of the relationships they have with women. Whether it’s a girl you just met, a friend you’re attracted to, your girlfriend or your wife. With the secrets of this system in your bag of tricks she isn’t going to know what hit her.

What Is The Girlfriend Activation System About?

The girlfriend activation system can be accessed by all of your devices.

Access the Girlfriend Activation System from all of your devices.

First it’s probably easier to understand what the Girlfriend Activation System is not. It isn’t a list of pick up lines or moves to ‘trick’ a girl into going out with you. It’s not a typical guide to becoming a pick up artist at all. It’s way more powerful than that.

The Girlfriend Activation System is based on being the type of guy that women fantasize about. The type of guy they’ve always dreamed of.

The creator of the program, Christian Hudson, devised his system after noticing the popularity of 50 shades of grey and literotica. It wasn’t just the popularity though, it was how millions of women around the world were getting their kicks by reading these types of fantasies. And, noticing that every guy in these women’s fantasies shared a number of very similar traits.

The Girlfriend Activation System is the result of reverse engineering those fantasy characters. Determining what it was about those guys that drive women wild and then testing the idea in real life. The exciting part for you is that it works. And, GFAS is the training program that allows you to become THAT GUY.

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What You Get Inside the Girlfriend Activation System.

girlfriend activation system review material

The Girlfriend Activation System includes all the core seminar videos, bonus video and audio, ongoing training and exclusive access to the members community.

The core of the Girlfriend Activation System is 18 hours worth of video material recorded at a closed door, private seminar. There are 23 modules in all (listed in detail below) that are presented by Christian. It also includes guest talks by some of the leading players in the seduction community.

On top of the core videos, there is also a large number of bonus videos and content. These include videos on topics such as seduction techniques and how to start and hold interesting conversations. There are also the audios on Complete Confidence Hypnosis to help build your self esteem and confidence with women.

The videos come with the option to download the audio files and Powerpoint presentations. Personally, I like the audio files better than the videos. 18+ hours is a lot of content to get through and I find it a lot easier to put the audios on my phone. I listen to them when I work out, in the car or going for a walk.

One of the best resources included in the Girlfriend Activation System is access to the members only community. This is a forum where you can ask questions and get advice. The community includes quite a few senior members who are very quick to help out guys that are just starting on their ‘path’ and the quality of advice given is excellent.

The community alone will give most guys more value than the cost of admittance.

The Girlfriend Activation System Videos

Here’s a list of the video modules to make sure the program will address what you need from it.

the girlfriend activation system reviewedDay 1: Parts 1-11

Part 1: Introduction Presented by Christian Hudson
Christian introduces the program and explains what the obsession story is all about. He also tells his personal story.

Part 2: Masculine Power
Learn how to excite women by embracing your masculinity to become the guy women obsess over.

Part 3: Masculine Power Continued
Goes further in depth and detail to explain the traits of a man that women obsess over.

Part 4: Questions & Answers with Alex
Alex (a woman) provides an insightful, female perspective of the material that’s been covered. She is by far, the most attractive speaker in the program.

Part 5: Nick Sparks on Sexuality
Dating coach and author, Nick Sparks, delves into how to be sexual with a woman without coming across as a creep. He teaches how to completely smash that friendzone so that women make no mistake about that type of relationship that they want from you.

Part 6: Jason Capital On Being a Challenge
Renowned dating guru Jason Capital does a talk on how to express to a woman, that you are a high value man by being a challenge. He also explains why women want to be with men that challenge them.

Part 7: Alex On Being Genuine
Alex Allman takes stage for his guest lecture on being genuine. This excellent talk explains the attractiveness of being genuine, that a high value man is always authentic and honest.

Part 8: David On Dominance
Another world renowned Dating Coach takes the stage, David Wygant’s talk on dominance is a highlight module. This is where it starts to really ‘click’ and you see the power in this material.

Part 9: Boyfriend Material
This module answers that age old question of what do women want? We see the 7 things women really want from their man and how to make sure your dream girl sticks around.

Part 10: Questions & Answers
Q&A from the audience.

Part 11: The Obsession Story
This talk provides a great summary of day 1 and wraps it all together in the context of a woman’s obsession story. Christian also provides a high level overview of the material for day 2.

Day 2: Parts 12-23

Part 12: Introduction to Day 2
The day starts with reflections and round up of Day 1. This section also includes questions from the audience.

Part 13: Impression
This talk is an introduction to the topic of making a great first impression.

Part 14: King Game
KING GAME. Be a man of high status. Create value in your relationships and live a life that women want to be a part of.

Part 15: Nick Sparks on Impression
You no longer have to suffer from ‘Approach Anxiety.’ Nick Sparks gives an awesome presentation of over 30 minutes covering what it takes to make a great first impression. From how to approach a woman to how you should start a conversation.

Part 16: What to Say
It’s one thing to get over our approach anxiety and fear of being rejected. The real magic is in what to say to a woman and the how and when to start the conversation. This one is presented by Christian and includes a 5 point plan on creating killer conversations.

Part 17: Resetting Impression
Have you ever blown it with a woman by creating a bad first impression or ended up in the friend zone. This module is for you. Christian takes us through how to reset a woman’s impression. In what Christian calls flipping the frame you can reset the situation. No longer will you be the one pursing the girl and wanting sex from her, she’ll chase you and start to see you sexually. This is the ultimate friend zone buster.

Part 18: Inspection
This part of the course covers the very early part of dating a new woman. Christian covers the most important aspects of maintaining her interest and attraction. He explains how important it is to give a woman space so that she can wonder about you. Creating mystery so that you continue to occupy her thoughts. This is a great lesson in amplifying a woman’s attraction.

Part 19: The First Date
This is the ultimate blueprint for a winning first date. Christian covers it all in fine detail so that every first date you have will lead to as many more as YOU choose. This module includes how and what to text a girl, what days of the week are the best for a first date, how to know if she’ll go home with you, what questions to ask and what to talk about. After this module you’ll never again be left wondering how to impress a woman the first time you go out together.

Part 20: The Social Date
The Social Date is a great concept presented here. It’s the process of inviting a woman into your life in a way that demonstrates your social value. It covers when and how to introduce a woman into your social life and to your friends so that she starts to invest even further into the relationship.

Part 21: The Sex Date
The Sex Date has finally arrived. In great detail, Christian guides us through the process of setting up a date that leads a woman to WANT to sleep with you. Like everything in the Girlfriend Activation System this isn’t about tricking a woman into your bed. There is a step by step plan here but it’s not focused on the end goal, instead it’s focused on creating a sensual and emotional environment so that she won’t want to keep her hands off you.

Part 22: Intimacy
This is the final module in the course. It covers the point where a girl you’ve been dating becomes your girlfriend. It’s a tricky time in any relationship and this video covers all the mistakes us guys usually make. More importantly, it also covers how to increase a woman’s investment in you as you become a greater part of each other’s lives.

Part 23: Conclusion
This video is a brief summary of the GFAS program and final thoughts of the seminar. It rounds up the whole concept of becoming the obsession worthy man.

The Best Parts of GFAS

Something that I really like about the Girlfriend Activation System seminar videos is the diversity of the guest speakers and their approaches. Some of the speakers seem to, on the surface, have contradicting views. Although, you soon realize that while their delivery may be different, they do share the same attitudes of what it takes to be successful with women. That is to be a man of high value.

The downloadable audio files are a real winner with me. I find it difficult to sit through 18 hours worth of video of people talking. That said, having the ability to listen to the talks while I’m on the go, is something that I enjoy. I also find it a lot easier to absorb the material this way.

The Member’s only community that you get access to after purchasing the Girlfriend Activation System is worth the price of the course on it’s own. The members that respond to questions are friendly, helpful and supportive. They also provide advice that is actionable and very accurate.

The very best aspect of the Girlfriend Activation System is that it works. If you adopt the mindset and the techniques that are shared in the program you will see results. The results come quickly too.

Concluding this Girlfriend Activation System Review

The Girlfriend Activation System is a program that is suitable for all men that want to improve the quality of their relationships with women. It is completely legit on it’s claims to be a step by step blueprint to go from being a single guy to getting a dream girlfriend.

It sounds like a lot of hype but it does work. Even if you only applied what you learn from a couple of the course modules, you will see a dramatic improvement in your life.

It is not a magic bullet though. You do need to make the time to absorb the course material and to put it into practice. What you will find surprising is, a lot of the material that is based on mindset starts to work for you just because you’ve become aware of it.

The subtle changes in the way you think about things start to change every interaction you have with women. This is the point where you go WTF! It works.

It’s not just about learning things you should do to attract women either.You learn a whole lot about what not to do. You’ll also realize that a lot of the things that you shouldn’t do, you’ve been doing your entire life. Just getting a handle of these things that you have done wrong in the past will dramatically change the outcomes you will start getting right now.

For the price of admittance, the girlfriend Activation System is a no-brainer. There’s not much you can spend $67 on that will dramatically change your life like GFAS will. Don’t put it off any longer, get it now!

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