7 Signs A Woman Likes You

Is she just being friendly or is she giving you signs that she likes you? This is something that I used to screw up all the time. I would make a move on a woman who was just being friendly and then completely miss the signs I got from women that were interested in something more.

Thankfully it’s not rocket science and when you pay attention you’ll notice the very obvious signs a woman likes you. The best part about it is she’ll be stoked when you do actually start paying more attention to what she’s trying to tell you.

Here’s a list of 7 of the more obvious signs a woman will give to show that she is into you.

7 Signs A Woman Likes You

1. Her Level Of Eye Contact.

The eyes can give you a lot of insight into a lady’s emotional state. If she focuses on you and throws fleeting and intermittent glances, it’s a clear indication that she is interested in you. In addition to that, you can confirm your suspicions by making eye contact with her and seeing if she looks back at you in a subtle way with a sensual smile.

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2. She Looks Out For You

When a lady is attracted to a man, she normally goes out of her way to show the man that she cares and would like to ensure his well being. Part of this behavior is instinctual, developing tight bonds with somebody naturally results in a mutual obligation to ensure each others comfort and safety. On the other hand, it’s a sign of a strong relationship, one in which the two individuals value each others company.

3. She Uses Jealousy Plot Lines

At times when a woman is interested in you, she may boast about certain male attention or she may flirt with other guys in front of you. Women usually do this so that they can prove your interest in her by reacting with jealousy or provoke you into taking action. Obviously, you should do not give her the satisfaction, but just ensure that you make a mental note of this behavior and understand her motive, instead of letting it affect your goal plan and mind set.

4. She Qualifies Herself To You

If she normally feels compelled to explain her lifestyle choices or her opinions as if she has to prove something to you, you should take this as a hint that she wants to earn your validation and make a good impression. You can test this out by sharing an opposing opinion or by intentionally challenging her.

5. She Gets Angry or Controlling Over Small Things

A woman may seem needy when she constantly makes a big-deal over what a man thinks are non-important issues, but what she is really doing is showing her interest in a man’s life, and trying to improve that existence. By communicating her disapproval and making suggestions of certain decisions or habits in a man’s life, she’s proving that she’s committed to improving “her man’s” life and wants to play a major role in his daily activities.

6. She Confides In You

If a lady really likes you she’ll confide in you about intimate details about her work troubles, life and family and also reveal her fears to you. She’ll also value your opinion on a wide range of issues such as her career choices. You’re also the first individual she breaks any great news to, such as passing her final exams. You connect with the lady so well that your discussions feel like heart to heart whispers.

7. How Her Friends Treat You

How her best friends treat you, clearly indicates how she feels about you. If they usually excuse themselves out so that they can give the two of you some privacy, enjoy your company, or jokingly claim that you and the lady would make a great couple, then she’s certainly feeling the vibe. Additionally, you may also notice that her roommates, coworkers and friends know every little thing about you before you’ve even meet them. This is a clear indication that she is proud of you and thinks that you’re the coolest person she has ever met.

Keep an eye out for the above signs a woman likes you, but also do not forget that attraction is a fluid thing. Just because she does not or does show you signs of interest initially, does not mean she has already made up her mind. Stay vigilant and check for the above signs as your connection to each other changes and grows.

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