Magnetic Messaging Review – Text Her Into Bed!

This post is a Magnetic Messaging review and we’re looking at the system that claims to give any guy the ability to text women straight into bed. If you haven’t seen the introductory video yet watch the video here otherwise on with the review.

magnetic messaging ebookHave you ever wondered why it seems so difficult for you to carry a flirty conversation with a girl via text messaging, let alone get a “yes” when asking that girl out on a date?

You’ve tried all kinds of strategies- good guy texts, sincere texts and even texts given by your guy friends who don’t seem to have a shortage of girls to go out with every weekend. None of it seems to work; you get ignored, let down and rain-checked on ’til kingdom come.

But what if there was a way to turn your texting abilities into one that literally attracts girls to you like a sexual magnet? What if you had god-like powers to turn any text conversation with any girl you fancy your way?

With Magnetic Messaging, you can have all the sex you want with any girl you choose, and it’s just a matter of sending the right kind of message. Read this full Magnetic Messaging review to know how you can turn meetups into intimate relationships.

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What is Magnetic Messaging?

magnetic messaging review babeMagnetic Messaging is a godsend for those wish to get the girl they have been lusting or longing for without the typical pitfalls of rejection. We know how one text can either go so well for you that it seems like they are the ones who want to be on your side, or go so horribly wrong that they may never reply to your text again.

Well, this veritable collection of useful information and collaboration between two experienced individuals will teach you everything you need to improve your phone game. The guide will show you how to capture a woman’s curiosity, then inevitably her desire with perfectly-worded texts. You will spark within her a chemistry of longing and manifesting itself as an escalating text conversation that gets flirtier and sexier by the minute!

There’s a science behind the art of texting the opposite sex, and Magnetic Messaging is the product that comes out of years and years of collaboration, trial-and-errors and the nuances of playing the phone game. Authors Bobby Rio and Rob Judge are two dating experts who have seen everything there is to know about successful pick-ups and hook-ups in the dating scene. They have even come up with a term that you’ll be using to date the hottest girls you’ve met.

The Key-Lock Sequence

There’s a 3-step process for getting what you want via text messaging. In summary, the first step is in sending a totally unique text that will invariably capture her total attention and move it past the buddy stage. The second step involves connecting with her on an emotional level to get the feeling of being “the right one”. Lastly, wrap the conversation up and lead her on an anticipated date with a chance to sleep with her if you play your cards right!

magnetic messaging key lockIncluded in the Magnetic Messaging package are golden rules, or do’s and don’t for texting and not making any fatal errors which can result in total rejection. While reading the material, you’ll come to know what you’ve been doing wrong all those times- offering lame explanations, not sparking an emotional reaction, being too polite, etc. and the ways on going about being attractive, such as generating enough excitement that they’ll be the ones begging for a date by the third text.

Want to know why it isn’t wise to follow the 3-day rule of making contact with a girl after a meetup, or why you should not send her more than 2 texts total before asking her out? You’ll find out here.

There’s even a way to reply to the usual “Who’s This?” message that will instantly warm her up to you and make her never forget your number again.

It should be noted that Magnetic Messaging isn’t a one-text solution for all occasions. It isn’t a magical one-liner text that promises success no matter which girl you send it to.

The authors have some useful text messages you can use as a basis, but there are some specifics that you will have to try yourself. After all, there are different types of girls, different situations and different strategies you may use to get a girl into bed. You wouldn’t want to be that generic type of guy who sends out these boring, pre-made text messages, right?

Magnetic Messaging Pros

There’s a wealth of materials you can read through to gain a better understanding of how the phone game works. There’s some helpful case studies when you want to get inside how a woman thinks and how she would react to a certain text, which can bring insight to what you’re doing wrong. All the information contained in the main guide and the bonus ones are tailored for the everyday guy, so it’s very easy to read and understand.

You may have some specific questions as what next to do in certain situations. Magnetic Messaging has you covered- from situations where you need to get in touch with a girl you haven’t talked to in months, to cases where that girl is frigid cold and doesn’t reply back even when you send that zinger text.

Also, the guide covers a wide variety of topics on different relationship stages. That means you can apply this product to the girl who has you Friend-zoned, to the girl you just met last night, or to that girl you want to rekindle the romantic fire with again.

The bonus material, 99 Best Texts Of All Time is one of the best extras you can get with Magnetic Messaging. Included are texts that you can use and tweak accordingly for a lot of common situations and replies. You can refer to this book if you’re stuck holding the phone with a blank look on your face.

Magnetic Messaging Cons

The only con here is the work involved in reading all there is to know about the kinds of text that magnetize the girl of your dreams. If you’re really committed to changing your sex life and relationships with other girls, then you’d have to do the effort in reading through the material.


In rounding up this Magnetic Messaging review, as mentioned, Magnetic Messaging is a literal godsend for those who want to get the girl with just a few simple text messages.

In today’s world of instant messaging and instant hookups, you’d want to get your fair share by knowing what messages to send that will have her crazy with desire to meet up with you, with the possibility of spending the night together in bed! Magnetic Messaging provides the answers that will give your phone game a definite boost.

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