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If you are a guy who struggles to get sexual attention from women, Language of Lust may be just what you need. This relationship guide will show you what it takes to arouse within the women you fancy a deep feeling of sexual obsession. Better still, she will have no idea that you have anything to do with it, and she will love every moment of it.

Language of lust product review

Language of Lust Package

Part of the lofty promises this program makes include the fact that it will help turn your sex life around, even if you are just an average guy. Truthfully, every guys secretly wishes to have sexual magnetism that makes modern day Casanovas enjoy endless sexual attention from pretty girls with seemingly no effort on their part.

This comprehensive attraction program shows you how you can achieve this as well. This Language of Lust review will tell you everything you need to know about this program, and why you should get yourself a copy.

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Meet Language Of Lust Author

Language of Lust was created by Lawrence Lanoff, a bald, skinny and middle-aged guy who has managed to use the tricks he reveals in this program to get hordes of women to sleep with him. So, this program is going to work for you even if you consider yourself average when it comes to looks or any other attribute you mistakenly consider important to getting female attention. Language of Lust is the result of more than half a decade of relentless research in the psychology behind female sexual attraction.

What You Will Learn From Language of Lust

Language of Lust is about understanding the secret sexual language women use that guys cannot seem to pick up on. This relationship guide also blows some common myths about women and the way they view sex out of the water.

For instance, according to Lawrence, the program creator, women love sex just as much as guys do, and think about it just as often, maybe even more. Yet, society has engendered the belief that women are repulsed by sex, and any man who wants to seem respectful to women has to act like sex is the last thing a girl would like to hear about.

Other myths this program debunks include the fact that guys think that some things are critical to getting sexual attraction from women. For instance, some guys belief that without classic good looks, money, and other things that are considered the means to getting into a woman’s pants, they do not stand a chance of having the satisfying sex life they have always dreamed about. However, as this program reveals, the truth of the matter is quite different. Women just need men who can understand their secret language of sexual lust.

In total, this program consists of 33 powerful tricks, techniques, and phrases that arouse intense sexual desire in women so that they feel safe and open up about their sexual fantasies. Using this program, you can either initiate sexual relationships or even get a girlfriend by tapping into her most significant erogenous zone, her mind and her imagination. Some of the techniques you will learn include ways to make women turned on using seemingly innocent phrases. For instance, you will learn the “Pavlov’s Panty Drencher” technique, how to tickle her “Emotional G-Spot”, “The Lust Mirror” technique, as well as so many other tricks, tips, and techniques that will get you incredible results in your attempts to get girls to be sexually drawn to you.

This relationship manual does not stop there, you will also learn how to put on a stellar performance when you and the girl finally jump into bed. You will learn how to explore pleasures the girl will never have experienced before so that she will feel an even stronger sexual connection to you when you are done.

The program also comes with great bonuses that should make your quest to become a hit with the ladies even more fulfilling. One of the bonuses, “Unlocking the Threesome Code”, will show you, as the title implies, how to end up in amazing threesomes with girls who never even considered themselves sexually adventurous or even bi-sexual.

The other bonus, “Personal Porn Star Activation”, will turn even the shyest girl into an aspiring porn star that wants to try out wild sexual adventures with you. You will also get “The Nice Guy’s Guide To Texting Dirty”, which will show where nice guys go wrong when it comes to texting dirty.  It offers “copy and paste” texting material that can be used right away to turn on a girl you are chatting with using texts.

Does Language of Lust Work?

In general, Language of Lust works. Before making this program, Larry was able to use these techniques to help guys change their dating lives even after several months of failed attempts at starting romantic relationships. The content is also quite compelling, and an eye-opener for anyone looking to have more and better sex.

This program will teach you how to make women see you as a potential sexual partner, so that you don’t end up in the dreaded friend zone. The program offers great pointers on how women view sexual attraction, and how this knowledge can help you have the sex life you both fantasize about. You will even learn how to establish lasting chemistry if you are in a serious relationship. Essentially, this program teaches these tricks and techniques in a way that is easy to understand and logic that is impossible to refute. Language of Lust really does work.


– The program does not teach you how to manipulate women into doing what you want, which might not sit well with many guys. This program reveals tricks that you can use to understand what women want so that you and the girl end up getting what you want out of the sexual encounter.

– The tips offered are quite practical, and you can literally lift them off the program and use them in real life to improve your sex life and sexual desirability as you navigate the complicated dating life as a guy.

– Some of the techniques the program teaches are quite potent. So, you are certainly going to experience an improvement in your sex life if you feel like your romantic pursuits have been leading nowhere of late.

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– Language of Lust will not be an instant fix to your dating troubles. Sure, you can use the dozens of techniques in this program to take your relationship to the next level in a short span of time, but it might take a while to realize the full benefits promised.

– The program is not available as a hard copy version. While not a deal breaker, this means you will not have to page through a physical book if that is your preference. Instead, you will have to read the content using your computer or mobile device.

Why We Recommend Language Of Lust

Frankly, we have seen a lot of attraction programs from various relationship and dating experts. There are even a few that address the issue of helping guys get with women more regularly like Language of Lust does. However, we can honestly recommend that you get this program because the tips you will find here are practical, above-board, and effective in helping you improve your sex life, whether with the girls you date or the girl you are in a relationship with.

Additionally, while most programs will stop at telling you how to get women attracted to you by showing you how to read their signals and talk to them, few, if any, will go as far as this program does and show you how to make the encounters worthwhile for either parties when you finally take it all the way and decide to have sex. The three bonuses offered in addition to the main program are also quite welcome, especially because they perfectly complement the content the program offering teaches.

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