How To Text Girls You Like – Winning Text Game

Knowing how to text girls in a way that increases the level of attraction they feel for you is a full-blown super power. It’s like having a secret weapon in your pocket. Another one.

Like every aspect of meeting and attracting women it is a skill that can be learned. Text-game, when done well, is a powerful tool that will massively increase the amount of girls you have in your life.

The most import thing when texting a girl you like is to understand what it is you’re trying to achieve. If you don’t know, that is to get a face to face meet up. You don’t have a relationship with someone over text and you don’t get laid over text.

What Not to Do With Text

what to text a girlA very common mistake guys make when texting girls is, they use text messages as something to hide behind. It’s not as scary as talking on the phone or going on a date so they take the easy way out. They try to use text messages to get to know a girl and hope she ‘falls’ for him. You don’t get to know a girl by texting, you get to know her in person.

What these guys don’t understand is, by having long text conversations or texting too often they come across as being needy and boring. It makes a girl think of you as a pussy.

It also creates the impression that you’re chasing a girl. When you chase a girl, what you’re telling her is that you value her more than yourself. Women don’t want to go out with guys that are lower value than they are. If you want girls in your life, don’t behave like this. Ever.

Don’t wait for a girl to text you. Be a man and take the lead.

Let’s say you text her something like ‘hey’ or ‘What u up 2?’ How do you think she’ll reply to that other than ‘Not much, U?’ There’s no emotion and no connection.

What do your texts say about you?

What type of image are you trying to get across when you send a girl a text message? Are you a guy that thinks she’s gorgeous and sexy and you’ll do anything to be with her? Are you a guy that thinks she’s your last hope and you desperately want her to like you.

Or, are you fun and exciting, a man with his shit together and in control of the situation? The guy she needs to hook up with quickly before some other chick steals you away.

Before you send a girl any text message think to yourself, ‘what type of guy does this message say that I am?’

What to Text a Girl When Texting a Girl

Remeber why you are texting a girl in the first place. You want to get her out on a date and get to know her in person. That’s it!

If you’re texting her for any other reasons, you will be disappointed. If you start with long boring conversations to get to know her better or build a relationship you are headed for one place only. It’s called the friendship zone.

Use your text messages to peak her curiosity about you, make her laugh and have her interested in hanging out. You can’t do these thing by boring her stupid. Your text message should be fun, spark an emotion within her and establish a connection between you both.

3 Steps to Great Texts

There’s 3 steps to texting a girl you like. Don’t make it any more difficult than that and don’t deviate too far from the plan. This 3 step process works.

Step 1. Create a positive emotion in her. A girl has to ‘feel’ something when she gets your message. What she feels is way more important and massively more powerful than what she thinks.

The easy way to create positive emotion is by making her smile or laugh. Being flirty works a treat too as long as your flirting is fun and not creepy. If you’re not sure if your message is creepy or not, don’t send it. Stick with making her smile.

Don’t try too hard to be funny. What you’re really trying to convey here is that you’re fun, not a clown.

Step 2. Make a connection. The second step is to re-establish or create a connection between you both. When you got her number it was because she felt at least some sort of connection with you. You want to remind her of that feeling of connection that she had.

A great way to do this is with inside jokes. When you meet a girl and get her numer you should be creating an inside joke that you both share. It can even be a nickname you give her based on an observation you made about her when you met.

If you can recall an inside joke or call her by a nick name you gave her, it establishes a connection. A connection is really just something that is shared between just the two of you.

Step 3. Get the date. Don’t ask her when or if she’s free or if she’d like to go out with you. Tell her where you’ll be and when you’ll be there and that she should join you.

For a great explanation of how to ask a girl out over text, the below video from the creators of Magnetic Messaging clearly explains exactly what you should be doing. Check out their website here.

In an ideal world this 3 step approach means that you should be able to get her out with as little as three text messages. The first text sparks emotion, when she replies you send the next text. The second text establishes or re-establishes your connection and when she replies you go about telling her when she can catch up with you in person.

What happens if She doesn’t reply to Your Text?

If a girl doesn’t reply to your texts, don’t worry about it. The very worst thing you can do in this situation is send a follow up text to make sure she got it. Again, you start looking needy. Instead, give it a few days or a week or so and send what is called a Radar text.

A radar text is a text message you send with the only objective being, to stay on a girls radar. It’s similar to the text that is intended to spark an emotion. It’s fun, and it reminds her of you. When you send a radar text, you do so without expecting a reply.

If she does reply to your radar text you can then launch into the 3 text sequence. If she doesn’t reply, move on. You can try sending another radar text a week later and she if she replies then.

When To Text a Girl?

A common question guys ask is when to text a girl. It’s not rocket science though. Don’t over think it. You’ll hear some people give the advice to wait three days or 48 hours or something else.

There is no perfect time to text a girl, everyone is different and the circumstances of how you got her number will be different too. If you wait a set time to send the first text you’ll just come over as a game player. What you send as the first text is more important than when you send it.

Always keep in mind that if the girl you want to text is a hottie (and I assume she is), you won’t be the only guy sending her messages. If you wait too long you’ll most likely be forgotten, even if you had instant chemistry when you met. Girls move on quickly, they have lots of options with guys throwing themselves at them. Your job is to get in there, stand out from the other guys and be the option she chooses.

Recapping how to text a girl you like.

Don’t enter long text conversations, you are trying to get a meet up in person and you’re wanting to do that in a few a text messages as possible.

Practice. Go out and get girls phone numbers and practice the 3 step routine. Sometimes you will bomb, some times you will nail it. Every time you do it, you will get better at it. Just step back and analyze for yourself, what worked and what didn’t

Not every text exchange will go your way, don’t worry about it. Move on. It’s important to understand that you don’t know what’s going on in a girl’s life. If she’s busy at work or with study, if there’s a boyfriend or an ex-boyfriend on the scene, if she’s particularly shy etc. It doesn’t matter either.

If a girl is showing you very little interest you can send her the occasional radar text and see if she’s more receptive at a later date. Personally, I will send a radar text or two and if she still shows no interest, I delete her number and move on. Never forget that beautiful women are abundant, we won’t run out if them. If one door closes, get off your ass and open another one.

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