How an Average Guy Cracked the Girlfriend Code

It’s an age old question. How did that guy get THAT girl. Well, this guy Christian is my new hero. He’s made a video explaining how he mastered the art of attracting women and even more importantly, he teaches other guys how to¬†attract more women into their own lives.

gfas reviewThe premise is that women are born with obsession stories which are built into their DNA. Women have primal desires that they hide from us mere males, so they remain socially acceptable. The idea is that by tapping into their story – primal desires – you can flip the switch that creates attraction in women.

As proof, he shows how literotica is as popular with women as porn is with men. Obvious example of course, is the success of the 50 Shades series. This is where Christian had his ‘a-ha’ moment, studying the stuff that women are fantasizing about without us being completely aware.

If you aren’t having the success with women that you want YOU MUST watch his video. It’s fairly long so make sure you bookmark this page if you don’t have time for it now.


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