Using Body Language to Create Attraction in Women

I’m sure you’ve heard the statistic that only 7% of our communication is with words. The vast majority of our communication is non-verbal which puts in perspective how useful pick up lines are when trying to create attraction in a woman. You will have already said truck-loads before you even open your mouth.

If you want to be great with women and be in the position where women approach you, you really need to get a handle on how body language creates attraction.

As a man, body language that creates attraction with women is basically the body language of an Alpha Male. If you haven’t yet, read my post about alpha male traits to give you a better idea of what I’m mean by Alpha.

An alpha has no fear of rejection, no need for approval, is totally comfortable in his world and happy in his life. The body language of attraction encompasses all of this. Of course you can fake it till you make it and learn the correct posture and gestures for attraction but your real goal is to tick all those alpha boxes above and have your life sorted. If you really are in that place of alpha manness you won’t have to pay much attention to your body language, it will come naturally.

The really cool shit about using body language for attraction, is when you get it, it will impact all aspects of your life and not just your success with women.

Enough of the sales pitch right? Lets look at specific ways we can use our body language for attraction.

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Good posture goes a long way. I wish I had listened more to my mother when I was young as this was a hard one for me. When walking keep your back straight, hold your head high with your chest out. It’s the walk of a confident man. Even when sitting in a chair maintain an upright, confident posture, you’ll be noticed.

Pay attention to other men when you’re out and about. You’ll notice how most guys look a little broken, shoulders forward, slouching in chairs, eyes looking at the gorund and you quickly realize how by using postive body language you can’t help but stand out from the crowd.

Mark Your Territory

Creating attraction with body language

No gun required

An alpha marks his territory by taking up space. It’s often easier to understand how body language creates attraction by looking at the visual cues we don’t want to send a woman first.
So, picture yourself sitting up at a bar. Hunched over on your stool (I know you already know better than this), legs crossed, arms crossed, basically making yourself as small a target as possible.

Now picture the alpha, his legs spread (a bit wider than shoulder width), he’s leaning back in his chair (with a straight back of course), arms open and to his sides and probably some stuff spread out in front of him like a phone, keys or drink.

In these two scenarios, which guy is displaying confidence? Which guy looks more accessible to start a conversation with? And, which one looks as though the would be the more interesting?

Don’t hunt with your eyes

Attractive women expect to be noticed. When they’re not, it drives them wild. Always be the guy that doesn’t notice the women in a room you’ve just entered. I don’t mean that you ignore people or intentionally be aloof. Just pay your attention to the friends you’re with and what YOUR doing. What’s happening in the rest of the room is of no concern to you. You’re happy with what you’re up to.

Yeah, I can hear you now, how will you know if there’s any hot women in a room if you don’t look? Well, the truth is that if you have positive, confident body language and don’t scan the room looking for your next victim, you wont need to. They’ll find you.

You don’t even need to pay attention to other guys for this one. Next time you’re out just pay attention to how often and how much you scan the room checking for chicks. You do it, all guys do it. There is no other way that is better to stand out from a crowd. Don’t be that guy (every guy).

Eye Contact and Smile

This is classic alpha male body language. It applies all the time and not just when meeting women. Holding eye contact shows confidence and that you have nothing to hide or be ashamed of. Smiling shows your warmth, that you are approachable and friendly. How many truly happy and self assured people do you know that are assholes? Not many right?

Like me, you might have a hard time making eye contact with attractive women to begin with but it’s the easiest and most satisfying thing to practice. You can practice every time you leave the house, make eye contact with people, random people, and smile. It feels great too.

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In the video below, DeAnna Lorraine explains a few other points that are important in creating body language attraction.