How Average Guys Get The Hottest Girls

So the test that girls will use is often to find out whether they can get away with anything they like. It’s also to know if you have experience with dating other beautiful girls in the past, and how comfortable you are with sexy women hitting on you. Essentially, it’s kind of an endurance test to see how great a boyfriend you would be. So, it’s in your best interests to pass this test with flying colors!

Put it this way. Many men who have been with the most beautiful women in the past won’t always comply with everything women want. Instead, they will evaluate the needs of both in the relationship, and encourage the pair to make joint decisions. But if you don’t have experience with beautiful women, then you might not know this. You might think it’s acceptable to do everything that she wants, whilst compromising your own happiness in the process. THIS is a big no-no.

So how do you realize that you are being tested? Well, look for any command that you are given, such as being asked to buy her a drink at a bar. How you deal with this demand is CRUCIAL, and you will need to realize that this could be part of a compliance test. Other commands and questions can include asking you to take a photo of her and her friends, or waiting for her whilst she goes to the bathroom. Although these questions may seem harmless, they could be part of a compliance test, so you will need to be prepared! How you deal with the situation can make all the different in passing the test.

Take the photo-taking request as an example. Say the beautiful woman asks you take a photo and you agree. You might then want to put in your own request, and suggest that you will take the photo but only if she pulls a funny face. If she refuses, simply ask someone else in the bar to take the photo for you. The key here is to balance the power, so that any demands between the pair of you are in equal measure.

You’ve basically just flipped the script – which is a phrase that you might have heard used in the past. It basically means to gain control in the dialogue so that the balance of power has been changed. Flipping the script can be of benefit when starting a new relationship, as it can set the tone for things to come. You will want your relationship to be on an equal footing, and not one where your partner can make demands while you instantly comply to every one of them. After all, that wouldn’t be the greatest of starts to any relationship now would it?

Flipping the script can also create intrigue and instantly make you appear more confident and attractive. So next time you feel that you are being given a compliance test, you might want to balance the power a little bit and go from there. Never reject a compliance test from a beautiful woman, but instead play along with it – you will soon find that she will view you in a different way. Being the guy that won’t always comply with her requests is really important for any relationship to prosper. It can also change the dynamic in how she sees you, and can instantly elevate you to “lover” potential.

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