11 Top Alpha Male Traits & Characteristics

It’s an old cliche, that women are attracted to bad boys. That may even been half true. It’s not that women are attracted to bad people but they are attracted to many of the qualities the guy fitting the bad boy stereotype has. The I don’t give a shit attitude, the self confidence, the masculinity, the alpha male traits.

If you want to have alpha male success with women, you need to pay attention to the traits alpha males have. Here’s 11 of the best for you.

Alpha Male Confidence
The number one characteristic of the alpha male is confidence. Confidence can mean different things to different folks. In the case of the alpha male it’s not an arrogance or cockiness, there’s no superiority attached to the confidence. It’s about being self-assured, not needing approval, knowing what you want and where you’re going and making no apologies for it. The alpha male is always authentic.

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Alpha Male Traits of Jason Statham

Alpha man crush = Jason Statham

Alpha body language
An alpha male’s presence is felt the moment he enters a room. He appears dominant just by way of his body language. Alphas move slowly, with purpose and control. They take up room with their presence and seem to be larger than life.

Makes eye contact
Eye contact is one of the most important parts of our non verbal communication. Alpha males look people in the eye when talking with them. They are interested in what others have to say and understand that making eye contact shows respect. It also makes the impression of being trustworthy and friendly.

Fun and humble
The alpha male has a sense of humor, he doesn’t sweat the small stuff. He is comfortable laughing at himself whilst never being self deprecating. Alphas are also humble and have no difficulty in admitting when they’re wrong or don’t have all the answers.

Honesty and Integrity
Honesty is a must have alpha male trait. The alpha has no reason to lie because he’s unconcerned about your opinion of him. He is trustworthy and loyal to his friends, the happiness of those he cares about is of an extremely high priority to him.

Alphas are leaders
They have their own beliefs and ideals that they are passionate about and they don’t compromise on them. An alpha is a man with a vision, you know what they stand for. They’re a take charge kind of guy that people are naturally drawn to follow.

Woman chase him
Characteristics of an alpha maleThe alpha male does not need a woman, his life is complete as it is. While he might welcome a woman into his life, she’s going to have to earn her place in it. Women find him intriguing and fascinating and go out of their way to get his attention.

No fear of failure
A real alpha male is not afraid of failure and understands that failure is a natural part of life. He fearlessly steps into the world to try out new things even though there is no assurance of success. He understands that failure is part of success, which is why he is willing to take risks. If he fails, he learns from the mistakes and moves on with life. This is precisely how he overcomes the many challenges that life throws his way.

Does not seek approval
A true alpha male has objectives and ambitions and so he doesn’t care so much about what others think about him. He doesn’t have to prove himself to anyone and doesn’t need anyone’s approval in order to become a happier person. The alpha male lives his life and does what makes him happy. Men who go out of their way to brag about their accomplishments are very clearly trying to seek the approval of other people in order to feel better about themselves. Doing so is a sign of weakness, not strength.

Has an air of mystery
An air of mystery is a characteristic of a true Alpha. As he’s not prone to talking about him self or bragging of achievements woman are always left wanting more.

Speaks slowly and clearly
A slow pace in speaking is one among the most obvious alpha qualities. Speaking slowly is a primary key to becoming a credible, engaging and confident speaker. Alpha males speak slowly in order to be more interesting and to be more in control. Alpha males are confident hence, they don’t hurry with their words. They say little. But when they talk, people listen. This is among the more obvious alpha male traits, which is why these men are natural magnets for beautiful women as well as employers.

In conclusion, having alpha male traits is a huge benefit over other men. We need to manifest alpha male characteristics when we engage with ladies. However, before you can become an alpha male, it helps to get over your previous failed relationships. If you wish to become the alpha man yourself, you need to learn how to practice the above traits until they become the natural part of your character.

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